D&D 3.5E

I will be running a 3.5e homebrew campaign starting on March 5, 2022.  The setting will be based on Tolkien's Middle-Earth. In my sessions, I aim to balance both roleplay and combat -- and use Foundry VTT. Session 0 will take place on February 19th. Sessions will run bi-weekly.


I first began playing D&D in the early 1980s (version 1), and skipped all of the intervening editions before 5E was introduced in 2014. When I began DMing again in 2015, it was a whole new ball game. Since 2020, the game has largely been online, something that many have mixed feelings about. 

character creation
random dungeon generation
The first area I intend to tackle is random dungeon generation as outlined in the DMG. Implementation of this will need to be planned accordingly and will not likely be ready until sometime next year.  
new player instruction
Do you want to learn how to play D&D? I offer 1-on-1 sessions to help you navigate through all that is D&D. We all have to start somewhere. I am a certified instructor and like helping other people.  
homebrew campaign
My homebrew campaign will start in Waterdeep on the Sword Coast. You should refer to this latter PDF for information on the setting. Waterdeep is on the coast near the Sword Mountains.


I plan on having Session 0 on January 8th at 4pm PST. After a half hour session via Google Meet, we will play until 7pm. I will be creating a Facebook page soon and revising my Discord server. I will be running a Foundry VTT server. I expect players to maintain contact by e-mail weekly. Group sessions will run on alternate Saturdays, and during intervening periods, players can develop their backgrounds further.


Session 0
Communication is important to every campaign. You need to maintain contact with your DM each week. I will host a Session 0 to discuss all house rules.
Gameplay will begin in Waterdeep and involve use of Foundry VTT. I have chosen a setting you are likely familiar with. There will be differences.  😉 
Regular gameplay will take place on alternate Saturdays (Jan. 8, Jan. 22, Feb. 5). In intervening weeks, you'll be doing individual adventures.