Campaign Overview

Campaign Overview

All gameplay takes place on my Denaren homeworld. Partly based on Tolkien’s Middle-Earth, the main PC races are restricted to the following: Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Gnomes and Half-Elves. Like in Tolkien’s world, life expectancy for men is 120 and 240 years respectfully, as there are two lineages. However, elves themselves only live up to 720 years (they are not immortal). Dwarves live up to 240 years, halflings live up to 100 years and gnomes live up to 240 years. As for half-elves, they live up to 450 years.

Use of Discord

Throughout my campaign, Discord will be used to communicate online between each session ( Sessions will take place online as scheduled, each Saturday from 6-10pm PST. Before gameplay commences, we shall all meet via Google Meet:


I do not use XP, so you do not need to count required XP to reach a target level.

Leveling-up – PCs level up when a specific milestone has been reached.  Use of milestones allow us to level up when things get too easy; this is a shared decision. The main thing is that we are having fun during any run session. One reason why I use Baileywiki maps, is that they are ready to run online (the work has been done for us).


As noted above, all gameplay takes place on my Deneran homeworld. All players will start in the nation of Irakis. As shown below, there are eight main nations today: Jugrad, Nagron, Udresh, Escana, Ascal, Egra, Irakis and Asten. Two of the oldest are Ascal and Egra (equivalent to ancient Rome). Established about 1,500 years ago, they influenced the development of Irakis, where the city of Arnasis is located. The two eastern islands are the size of Britain.

Background: 2092 – 2093 NT

Born in the city of Arnasis in Irakis, you got to know a small group of friends as you all worked for the same local detective: Kessig. Akin to Sherlock Holmes, he referred to you all as the “irregulars.” Like Sherlock, he was 6 feet tall.

In 2092, a private detective, who was 27 years old, paid you to uncover information as intelligent agents. Having worked for him for 2 years (2092-2093), you recall him saying that he favored a “7% solution.”  In 2093, he unpacked a hypodermic syringe from its neat leather case and rolled up his sleeve. “It is cocaine”, he said to Gareth, “a seven-per-cent solution.” Gareth was his partner.

Gareth documented most of Kerrig’s cases and practiced medicine in the army before meeting Kerrig. Known far and wide, the two of them solved cases in Ikaris, Asten, Egra and Ascal. Even Escana called upon them at times.


For online game purposes, I am also making use of Baileywiki maps and have begun to create continuous Foundry VTT city areas, like the city you’ll start in:  Arnasis. This allows for continuous online gameplay as shown on YouTube. Any use of modules will be decided upon later.


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